Losing a job is like a punch in the gut. We work in a shifting sand work landscape today. Work that is reliable, safe and comfortable is something stories are told about, especially during a job loss.

Companies that care offer outplacement services to employees and it takes time for the employee to recognize the outplacement package as a benefit and as a goodwill gesture by the employer.

This lack of readiness in considering the value that outplacement services can offer during a job loss can best be understood within the framework of William Bridges work, “Change is fast and situational, transition is slow and psychological.”

I am curious about what stops us from accepting help when we need it the most. In fact, a robust outplacement service, at the very minimum can do the following:

  • Gives us a map – When we lose our footing, a map is a useful thing to have. As Reif Larsen says, “A map unlocks and formulates meaning. It forms bridges between here and there, between disparate ideas that we didn’t know were previously connected.” Brene Brown tells us, ‘we are wired for stories.” A dedicated coach can help make sense of the visible and invisible narratives within us. These conversations help us pay attention to self-care at a time when it is usually absent. A client once remarked, “I didn’t know how much caring I needed until I engaged with my coach and the services.”
  • Gives us permission – Much of life is lived within the context of being brave, being invulnerable and being resourceful. Outplacement services provide scaffolding. As one of my colleagues says, “a transition is the perfect time to be unready.” This scaffolding can help make sense of the fall, encourage leaning into the discomfort and rewrite our future.
  • Gives us customized value – Each one of us experiences loss differently. Our circumstances are unique. The way we integrate our experience, including our failures, real and perceived is complex. Sometimes, we need another perspective to make this complex process somewhat simpler. Outplacement services come in all sizes yet rarely have I encountered a situation where services and importantly, conversations can’t be tailored to make the best meaning for the client.

What has been your experience? What has stopped you from engaging in outplacement services? What has been positive for you when you did engage in such services?

As you know, Promark Company and Career Partners International are in the business of impacting lives – work that we care deeply about and do with integrity, each day. Our promise is simple: we will listen to your story wholeheartedly and help you explore what works best for you, should you be in a transition.