As we continue the journey up the ladder of success this next step will require you to dig into the habits and patterns of your C-Suite, without stocking them.  I suggest this be done off the clock as you still have a job to do at work each day.

Rung two – Develop an executive presence. Not just seen physically, but actively contributing in the social media and internet space that the C-suite frequents.  Read what they read, comment on what they read, and share what you have learned.

Executive presence requires a degree of learning if you are to discover where your C-Suite spends their time.  According to,

  • A whopping 68% of Fortune 500 CEO’s have no social media presence
  • Of those who do 23% of them engage in only one platform
  • 74% of the CEO’s who only participate in a single network join LinkedIn

The average CEO reports spending about two and half hours in meetings per day. They meet with executives 37% of the time, with clients 20% of the time and prospects 15% of the time.  Legal is the department CEO’s meet with the least.  The majority of their time is spent with finance, followed by operations, clients and professional informers and finally sales.

Social media is not to be neglected in your discovery process as over the past few years more and more in the C-suite are finding the value of using this resource.  Social media is a great tool for attraction of better talent, publishing news and creations that share the contributions and communicate a message of the influencer in their communities. Keep your ear on the pulse of the company through social media and the pulse of your C-Suite. One of your roles is to use this tool to make your presence known and felt.

Follow your company website and news releases from your C-Suite especially corporate videos.  Re-post items of interest when appropriate.  Your savvy use of social media will increase the respect and recognition of your C-Suite and help him/her to build better communications with clients, employees and the community. Your name on the re-post gives you a unique presence.

Consider producing a blog with content that establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. A consistent post will reinforce your position as the go-to source for solutions that are of interest to your C-suite and of creative content that is read and followed.

In the LinkedIn world, posting discussions in groups that your C-suite is a member will get you noticed, especially when you end with a question and then respond to the comments.  The more active you are the more your name will come up as a member with executive presence and a person of contribution.

A great resource for you to keep up with C-Suite thinking and thought leadership is With today’s technology your automobile can be your mobile master’s degree advantage.  Every time you are in your vehicle is an opportunity to learn on the go. If you are like me I like to take notes on something of interest.  Be careful not to be distracted as you drive.  Reading and keeping up with what the C-Suite reads will keep your conversation relevant for this rung of the ladder to smash open the doors and give you the coveted seat at the table.