Some of the globalization trends over the last few decades such as automation, digitization, call centers and off-shore processes have impacted the worker in a number of ways.

Innovation and speed are keys to business success in a world of exponential change and technological advancement. These market trends will ask that both organizations and individuals think creatively and quickly to break inflexible strategies and old paradigms that no longer function in a constantly changing environment.

Outsourcing and automation are cost saving strategies that reduce the numbers of jobs but individuals can enhance their employability by taking responsibility at whatever level of the hierarchy they function.

There is no guarantee that our jobs will be protected but if we respond as if we are no longer contained in a “silo”, working across disciplines so that:

  • We all think for the business
  • We are all in a “sales” role
  • We are all in “customer service”

In sum we all become “eyes and ears” for the business to innovate change for whichever processes we manage. In addition all of the individuals with whom we interact are our “customers” so that we regard all business processes as part of the overall “sales” process.