I recently attended the California Women Lead’s “California’s 100 Most Powerful Women” conference in Torrey Pines. This was a first-time event for this nonpartisan organization and an engaging example of “girl power.” We had leaders from government (think Betty Yee, the California State Controller), Geisha Williams, whose promotion to the President and CEO position at PG&E was announced the first morning of the conference, plus entrepreneurs, business leaders, and state senators — a wonderful sampling of the women in our state. So what does that all mean? What did we accomplish?

It means that the private sector and the public sector have much to learn from each other; we all conceded that point. It means that this invitation-only network is the first in the nation to coalesce public- and private-sector women leaders into an ongoing network solely devoted to making their state better. And it  also means that there was enough energy, horsepower, and enthusiasm in that room to do so.

What did we accomplish? Time will tell, but the first meeting accomplished a definite and common interest in working together. And that’s a pretty good first step.