Job seekers hear an array of stories about job seeking through the holidays, many of which are false.  The predominant myth is that nothing is going to happen between now and the end of the year.  A whole month where there is no business activity!  Really?  No business worth working for is going to waste one-twelfth of its year.  Just as production does not stop, the need for key people does not go away just because of the Holidays.


The key to success is how hard and how smart you work at your job search.  Challenge conventional wisdom, and you might find the reality is a whole lot different than the myth!  Here are six reasons why the holidays are a great time to accelerate your job search.

  • Competition Decreases: The funny thing about myths is that lots of people believe them.  And, the Holiday Job Search Myth is no exception.  Many job seekers back off from their job search believing that nobody is hiring.  This is great news for you!  Less competition!  It’s time for you to intensify your search and take advantage of the fact that others have slowed down their efforts.
  • Business Travel Slows Down: Why does this matter to you – you’re not traveling?  And neither are those busy executives – the ones who are always on the road and hard to reach – the ones you want to meet with for advice and information.  They’re back in town over the holidays and available to meet with you.
  • People Are More Receptive: ‘Tis the season to be jolly!  Holiday parties with family, friends, and industry associations give you many opportunities to network.  And, decision makers, like everyone else, are in the holiday mood and more accessible.  What’s more, if you play your cards right, they might invite you to that holiday party where you can meet other senior execs for more advice and information.
  • Budgets Drive Decisions: If there is no budget approval, there is no job.  When budgets expire at the end of the year, no manager wants to have to go to their boss and ask for approval to hire next year because they didn’t get the position filled this year.  They need to get that vacancy filled in a hurry!  Target that decision maker and help them to help you.
  • Recruiters Want Their Commissions: If there’s an executive recruiter involved, you can rest assured they want to maximize their year-end commission.  And they don’t get paid unless you – or someone like you – gets hired before the end of the year.  They will be doing everything in their power to fill the job, and you’re well qualified, experienced and prepared.  So, why shouldn’t it be you in that position?
  • You Want to Maintain Your Momentum: Winning that great job does not happen overnight.  You have to work at it diligently and persistently.  Maintaining momentum is key.  The competition, having decided that partying and shopping was more important than job seeking, has dropped back to the end of the line.  And – if you haven’t already won the job – you’re at the front of the line come the beginning of January!  Ready, willing and able!

So, ask your Career Coach to help you change your thinking, adopt a different perspective, and finish up with the job you want, where you can succeed.  Remember that finding employment is a business transaction – you win the job because you demonstrate that you can solve the business problem that keeps the hiring manager awake at night.  Become effective and impassioned in selling a product you know best – YOU!

About Brian Hinchcliffe
Brian Hinchcliffe is Director, Executive Career Transition Services, with Career Partners International in Houston, Texas.  He prepares executives for their next career opportunity.  This article was posted on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter in November, 2016.