With the advent of digitalization upon us, Sylvia Taudien of Career Partners International speaks on the necessity to create a new culture where all employees use technology better than the competition. Ms. Taudien is an expert in the human resources field, overseeing the Barcelona operation of Career Partners International, one of the largest talent management consultancies in the world.

Ms. Taudien explores an upcoming shift in the workplace, such as building an efficient digital model between clients and employees for business success. Attracting “Digital Natives” to one’s brand means offering flexible work arrangements so people can work from anywhere at any time to get the job done. When workspace is needed, unique office configurations with several options for ensuring collaboration will be the norm. Coming soon, robots will perform routine work and interact with employees on a daily basis.

Ms. Taudien described how the mix of generations now in the workplace creates a wide variety of challenges: “The ‘traditionalist’ generation is motivated by very different workplace dynamics as opposed to the ‘millennials’ and the next group entering the workforce, Gen 2020. Clearly flexible and resilient leaders will be at a high premium.”

These incredible innovations in how work gets done offer many new job categories that will need skilled individuals to fill. These new roles include Avatar Relationship Manager, Autonomous Vehicle Operator, Digital Identity Planner, Virtual Habitat Designer and Ethical Technology Advocate.

To learn more, visit The International HR Conference held in Barcelona on October 6, 2017. Ms. Taudien organizes and speaks at this prestigious conference.

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