In 2011, CalPERS and CalSTRS created an innovative response to the lack of diversity on corporate boards, The Diverse Director DataSource. 3D, as it is now known, is a database of director candidates seeking to be considered for board positions. Many of these candidates have served on corporate boards, many have not. All bring professional qualifications worthy of consideration. Since 3D was founded, the diversity debate in the United States has moved center stage. The evidence on diversity and performance – and the search for talent – has driven this issue to the top of the business agenda for 2017. 3D has one of the largest and most qualified pools of talent in the board diversity arena. Wilcox Miller & Nelson is delighted to be working on this.

CalPERS’ and CalSTRS’ goal has been that 3D be housed in a venue which can provide leading edge technology for those seeking to make connections with candidates and to pool the 3D facility with other initiatives. After a thoughtful and fulsome vetting process, 3D moved to Equilar where it is now housed in their newly launched Equilar Diversity Network, the “registry of registries,” connecting candidates from various board diversity initiatives to companies seeking new directors. Additional information may be found at Equilar’s Diversity Network provides both technology and scale, with an opportunity for 3D candidates to be connected with a wider range of companies and candidates. We see this bringing critical mass and innovative technology to the pioneering work of 3D.

Want to join 3D? Please click on this link… There is no cost to do so.