Career Partners International, one of the largest career transition firms in the world, continues its expertise in all phases of career transition by certifying over 40 of its career coaches in the use of retirement planning assessments. This certification allows the expert use of the Retirement Success Profile™ and LifeOptions Profile™, two proprietary retirement planning assessments designed to help individuals explore options and enjoy a more fulfilling retirement.

Those recently certified include Sylvia Taudien (Barcelona), Gemma Garcia (Barcelona), Eva Romeo (Barcelona) Angela Coll (Barcelona), Yu-Cheon Kim (Korea), Hye-Jin Sohn (Korea), Ji-Young Lee (Korea), Phyllis Rosen (New York), Damon Montal (New York), Reginald McQuay (New York), Amy Kosh (New York), Larry Thomas (Parsippany), Ron Hamara (New York), Jim Shattuck (Norwalk), Adriana Bar (Berlin), Eric J. Bergstrom (Philadelphia), Tonya Johnson (Houston), Brian Hinchcliffe (Houston), Agnes Dillard (Houston), Merilyn Fance (Houston), Brian Hunt (Alberta), Janice Escaravage (Edmonton), Dorothy Lowrie (Edmonton), Heather Majeau (Edmonton), Dixie VanEynde (San Antonio), Ken Delegan (Chicago), Christine Nowicki (Chicago), Carole Rheaume (Montreal), Tracy Klassen (Winnipeg), Telma Guido (Sao Paulo), Leni Balaban (Sao Paulo), Mary Jones (Davenport), Paola Chocano Ibarra (Peru), Jane Taylor (Melbourne), Penny Holt (Sydney), Diane West (Omaha), Jane Noble (Tulsa), Jan Gonzalez (San Antonio), Adena Johnston (Philadelphia), Camilo Ruge (Colombia), Carol DuBose (Dallas), and Julieta De Vecchi (Mexico).

Certified Coaches are equipped with the tools, training and support to effectively coach the largest demographic in the world. Coaches help clients prepare for and experience a more fulfilling retirement. These assessments deliver the accurate, personalized, and comprehensive information you need to provide high-impact retirement coaching. In addition, leading organizations realize that retirement planning begins 30 years before retirement and have started providing support to emerging employees early in their careers. This kind of attention to life-after-work planning builds employee loyalty and retention.

Certified Coaches have successfully assisted thousands of individuals, couples and employees of corporate clients in assessing and exploring areas of their lives such as work, family, leisure, wellness, and personal development. They are experts on the subject of retirement planning and are regularly asked how to best prepare for this major life transition. In addition to one-on-one coaching, Career Partners International has developed a web based portal to support participants in their retirement planning as well as facilitated workshops and access to the assessments.

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