Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to introduce our new employee engagement workshop, PowerMyWork™.  With decades of career management experience, CPI understands the value of an engaged workforce. The combined hard and soft costs from a disengaged workforce is an astounding $350 Billion annually, as reported by the Harvard Business Review. The war for talent is only getting worse, with USA Today reporting 73% of surveyed employees are open to opportunities at other organizations.  Employee engagement is a top priority for organizations looking to increase productivity and retain talent.

PowerMyWork™ demonstrates the powerful connection between highly engaged employees and business performance. This program enables participants to identify their strengths and how to leverage them to ensure a greater contribution to the organization. The insight gained ultimately leads to increased employee satisfaction and improved engagement – while maximizing organizational retention rates.

“Before this program, I had every intention of leaving the company. My career satisfaction was lower than it had ever been, and my stress level and frustration with my role was growing daily. It was only through the clarity and enlightenment I received from the program that realized I had the power to change my situation and stay with the company.” – Marketing Manager

More than ever, employers are looking for effective ways to improve the employee experience.  Focused on further developing an employee’s strengths, CPI’s PowerMyWork™ offers a unique program resulting in improved satisfaction and productivity.  PowerMyWork™ is a flexible, in-person workshop administered by our highly trained CPI Career Coaches who are committed to delivering a world-class experience in every session.

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