Successful organizations recognize the advantage of ongoing development for leaders and the benefits of providing situational coaching.  Career Partners International (CPI) helps leaders achieve their goals with an emphasis on providing meaningful executive coaching services that meet the unique circumstances and needs of the organization.  CPI Executive Coaching participants report a 95% satisfaction rate, resulting in highly engaged executives and real-world improvements.

CPI offers Executive Coaching across the globe in virtually all industries.  Coaches possess extensive experience, training, and education employed to facilitate each coaching engagement.  World-class coaches utilize a variety of assessments including 360 reviews, observation, and direct feedback to support each participant.

“When I was being coached, I had only been with the company for 8 months. The company was undergoing organizational and leadership changes. My challenges included dealing with evolution and ambiguity, daily business issues, and learning a totally new industry. There were new faces and new products, as well as cultural differences in the US and Asia (at that time were quite different). My CPI coach was able to point out culture issues for me to pay attention to and worked with me to analyze the feedback reports and focus on areas for improvement.”  –VP of Marketing

Forward thinking organizations embrace coaching as a core component of their leadership development strategy aimed at exceeding business goals.  Beyond the personal improvements that come with a successful coaching engagement is the value this practice brings to the organization.  Employees of coached executives show higher levels of engagement and improved work performance.  Hewitt reports highly engaged firms have a total shareholder return 19% higher than average, while low engagement results in a 44% decrease in returns.  Executive coaching results in more effective leadership, increased workforce engagement, and improved returns.

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