Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce DisruptHR 2.0 London, hosted by CPI Vice-Chair and Carswell Partners President, Terry Gillis, will be coming to London, Ontario on September 19th.  Returning for the second year, after an enlightening inaugural event, DisruptHR 2.0 London will be hosted in conjunction with Fanshawe College at their Product Validation facility.  With over 30 years of international talent management experience, CPI is excited to bring together the region’s HR Disruptors for an evening sure to challenge the status quo.

Hosted among the backdrop of the Fanshawe College’s sophisticated industrial product testing facility, DisruptHR 2.0 London is focused on the creative, new, and exciting side of human resources development and practice; The Rebellious Future of HR.  Alex Benson, Western University Professor, will be presenting “The Rise & Fall of Narcissistic Leaders”.  Other presentations will include “Don’t Talk to Me (I’m Busy Leading)”, “Lessons from the GWL Agile Journey”, “The Importance of Glitter in the Workplace”, and many more from the region’s top Human Resources and Leadership professionals.

DisruptHR 2.0 London will be hosted on September 19th, from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at the Canadian Center for Product Validation.  Attendees are sure to gain a unique perspective the changing world of HR and are invited for a drink at the world’s quietest bar.  To purchase tickets or find an event near you, visit

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