Career Partners International (CPI) is a premier outplacement consultancy with over thirty years of international experience.  CPI’s combination of high-touch and high-quality coaching has led to thousands of candidates finding their way back into the workforce.  With only the highest quality coaches and proven methods, CPI has a record of getting candidates back to work quicker than the competition.

With the labor market constantly changing, good employers know that their separations can affect the company’s long-term brand.  Helping separated workers land on their feet improves reputation and keeps remaining employees engaged and productive.  According to the August 2018 report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average unemployment duration in July of 2018 was just over 23 weeks.  CPI maintains an average of 11.7 weeks to re-employment, nearly twice as fast as the national average!

At CPI, quality of placement is not sacrificed to achieve this speed.  Over 80% of candidates land at equal or greater compensation than their previous job, with 96% of participants reporting being very satisfied with the service.  CPI’s experienced coaches maintain a 30:1 participant to coach ratio, industry best in class, ensuring candidates get the attention and support they deserve.

“What stands out with the relationship with Career Partners International is the fact that they really take a personal interest in the folks that we send to them.  We know they’re going to be well taken care of.  We know they will be guided through their journey to secure another job. It is really beneficial to us to have that kind of touch.”   – Executive Director, Human Resources

CPI offers employers assistance in communicating and planning for an employment change, support materials, and reporting on candidate progress.  With over 350 locations around the world, CPI supports all outplacement projects ranging from individual displacement to international restructuring programs.  All of this creates the best possible experience for both candidates and employers.

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