Among top talent in executive offices, the vast majority of leaders have proven themselves to be intelligent.  That’s a given.  The difference between success and failure as a leader often comes down to soft skills, those traits that aren’t found on a resume.  Based on an anonymous survey, Harvard Business Review notes that 68% of surveyed CEOs did not feel adequately prepared for their position, largely due to poor preparation of interpersonal skills.

Career Partner’s International (CPI) has over thirty years of experience developing leaders, preparing them to manage themselves and their teams effectively and efficiently.  CPI executive coaches work with clients and leaders, employing wide variety of assessments and tools to harness a leader’s strengths and identify areas for improvement.  CPI utilizes a custom process and framework to ensure leaders are developing and client’s goals are being met.  No two coaching sessions are the same, every engagement is specifically tailored to meeting a unique business case.

Thousands of executives around the globe have found success in their roles with the support of CPI.  “My coach helped me develop self-awareness, allowing me to better communicate with my staff.  She challenged my own paradigms and helped me to think with a new focus which created more success in my business.”  -CEO

Forward thinking organizations use coaching as a core component of their leadership development strategy.  Through coaching, leaders’ personal and interpersonal skills are enhanced, allowing them to focus on and drive continued business growth.  CPI programs are designed to deliver measurable results that meet and exceed the organization’s goals.

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