Join Career Partners International (CPI) at the 5th International HR Conference Barcelona on October 5th, 2018.  Hosted by Advantage Consultores, a CPI Firm, this event aims to bring the best of the region’s HR professionals together to discuss the changing field and what the future holds.  In its 5th year, the event will focus on three broad themes: The Future of Work and Exponential Technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Humans at Work, and The Truth About Start-ups.

Attendees at this year’s event will be treated to top speakers from Tesla, Telefonica, Vistaprint, Google USA, Alpha moonshots from Telefonica, Silicon Castles, and a panel of disruptive start-ups from all over the world.  Joining the panel will Sophia The Robot, from Hanson Robotics.  Sylvia Taudien, founder of Advantage Consultores and conference organizer, will be interviewing Sophia on how humans and robots will be able to coexist in the future working world.  Sophia will also be available to meet with attendees and address their questions.

“It is crucial to understand the role that artificial intelligence plays in the working world and to stop seeing it as a threat, because it is an opportunity,” says Sylvia Taudien. The human resources sector is not exempt from the automation and robotization of processes; it is here that Sylvia insists, “Both young talent and management must be given the tools to adapt to the labor revolution we are living through.” Having attended an executive training course at the Singularity University in Silicon Valley, she is convinced that “Exponential technologies will be key to facing the big challenges for humanity to work towards a better world.”

The conference will close with a moderated debate, led by Pablo Gonzalez, CEO of Pangea, paneled by young entrepreneurs.  The discussion will focus on a key concern for the millennial generation, the future of their professional lives.  To reserve a seat at this years’ event, visit International HR Conference Barcelona.

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