As the talent market becomes increasingly competitive it’s getting harder and harder to recruit top level employees.  Career Partners International (CPI) is pleased to announce the launch of our new service, CPI EmployerConnectTM.  CPI now grants employers and recruiters direct access to our pool of national and international talent.  In a labor market facing a talent shortage, this program will align thousands of highly qualified, motivated candidates with employers seeking to fill positions.

CPI EmployerConnectTM allows employers to post open positions, improving visibility to this desirable talent pool.  Many job boards are cluttered with outdated and irrelevant postings, reducing the odds of reaching desired applicants.  By limiting access to trusted CPI clients and partners distracting posts are eliminated.  Candidates can easily apply to posted jobs through links to legacy external systems, reducing duplicated employer effort.

Employers now can search for candidates in CPI’s pool of talent based on title, education, employment history, and other pertinent information.  With the ability to search for and save prospective job seekers, employers will no longer need to hope that great applicants will find them on crowded job boards or pursue passive candidates.  Search criteria can be saved on an individual employer dashboard allowing for quicker identification of new prospects.

For over 30 years CPI has offered world-class outplacement services, helping thousands of participants land new opportunities. CPI specializes in landing participants quickly, twice as fast as the national average, and in high quality roles.  With CPI EmployerConnectTM, employers can partner with CPI to quickly find talent and fill open positions.  Contact your local partner to access CPI EmployerConnectTM.

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