As investor demands regarding the quality of board governance steadily rise, effective disclosure of board practices in the proxy statement—including board composition and executive-compensation design—has become a critical communication vehicle ahead of the annual vote. To facilitate investor understanding, proxy filers should craft engaging narratives and offer clear visibility into their organization’s board governance approach and emerging investor priorities—from human-capital management and boardroom diversity to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.

A recent snapshot drawn from NACD’s upcoming 2018–2019 NACD Public Company Governance Survey indicates that companies are proactively enhancing the value of their proxy statements by including more information and making the format more engaging.

To help boards and their companies develop more transparent and easier-to-digest 2019 proxy statements and to help them anticipate likely shareholder challenges to current practices, NACD has created a curated list of practical new resources that directors, general counsel, and investor-relations staff can readily put to work.

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Additional Resources on Leading Proxy Practices

Review of Proxy Season 2018 Trends

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