Set among the bustling technology hub of Barcelona, Career Partners International (CPI) gathered to explore the Future of Work.  This Annual General Meeting brought together partners from across the globe to share ideas and challenge the organization to focus on the changing marketplace.  Three days of brainstorming, moderated panels, and guest speakers were all designed to improve the support of clients and candidates in this constantly evolving world.  By adjusting to current market needs and preparing for the shifting demands of clients, CPI positions itself to provide the world’s best career transition, coaching, and development solutions.
This year’s speakers focused on agile thought and developing the capability to quickly meet the requirements of the working world.  Yusuf Okuco opened the meeting highlighting the benefits of adopting an agile mindset. Carlos Grau joined the group on day two to showcase how future technology could impact the workplace.  Sylvia Taudien, of Advantage Consultores a CPI Partner, presented an overview of her learnings from the Singularity University, a global learning and innovation community.  The group later toured Barcelona Tech City, a local non-profit facilitating future-facing organizations including start-ups, incubators, universities, and large multi-nationals.  Each speaker challenged the assembly to think beyond their current reality and to prepare for inevitable transformation and technological integration.
“Every year we come together to share best practices and ensure that every client and candidate is receiving the highest quality service.  There is power in our global presence and each of our Partners is an expert embedded in their particular region,” remarked CPI President Bill Kellner.  “The combination of our flexible, cutting-edge technology and skilled coaches puts us in a unique position to quickly adapt to the changing workplace landscape.  At CPI we look forward to the Future of Work.”
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