If you missed the Wimbledon men’s tennis final this weekend, Roger Federer won 36 games to Djokovic’s 32 games. Three of Djokovic’s 32 game wins were tie-breakers to win the match 5 sets to 3. While it could have gone either way, it didn’t. Djokovic won the points and games that mattered most. That’s the lesson: marshal your resources to win where, what, and when it matters most.
The where to play question is both strategic, tactical and personal.
Where to play strategically
Strategy is the art of the general, arranging forces before the battle. So where to play strategically is about which battles to fight in the first place.
Professional tennis players and golfers and the like, do not compete in every tournament. They carefully map their seasons so they give themselves the best chance to win the tournaments that matter most.
This is one of the fundamentals of business strategy – choosing where not to play.
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