It’s not a perfect analogy. But both Makoto Uchida and Lyndon Johnson took over from leaders cut down mid-stream. Jack Kennedy was assassinated. Carlos Ghosn was arrested on charges of financial misconduct. Johnson did an amazing job in his first 100-days of calming down the country, keeping Kennedy’s cabinet intact, and re-starting critical legislation. Uchida should channel Johnson in dealing with emotional, personal and business issues – in that order.
Forbes auto-expert Greg Gardner laid out what Uchida is facing in his article on the Post-Ghosn Turnaround. Key points are that Nissan needs a financial and cultural turnaround. Nissan’s most recent profits fell 94.5% year-on-year. Culturally, the organization needs to move to more “Group leadership, where they all support each other” and are “more transparent” according to Nissan’s chairman, Yasushi Kimura.
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