While there is certainly an overlap, there are important differences between executive onboarding and performance failures. The vast majority of people that fail in jobs fail for one of three reasons: poor fit, poor delivery, or poor adjustment to a change down the road.
Poor fit is always a failure of selection, due diligence or attitude during onboarding.
Poor delivery is an onboarding failure if it’s caused by getting up to speed too slowing and a performance failure later on.
Poor adjustment is an onboarding failure if it’s rooted in not yet having built a network of trusted advisors to point out the need to adjust or how to adjust. It’s a performance failure if it’s rooted in a fundamental inability to see changes or listen to others.
The heart of executive onboarding well is converging into the team before trying to evolve it. This requires getting a head start, managing the message and then setting direction and building the team leading up to and through your first 100-days or so. Follow this with sustaining momentum and adjusting to change and your risk of onboarding failure is greatly decreased.
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