In last month’s career goals survey by Greene and Associates Inc., a CPI Firm, 47% of respondents indicated they were preparing for the next level of leadership. Deciding to take that leap requires one to weigh career decisions with a strategic mindset and a 360-degree view. Doing so will help develop a career roadmap and provide clarity to decide if that next opportunity is the right one.
Imagine this:
One of your colleagues recently told you that a new role within your organization is being developed. He also said that your name is at the top of the list to be considered. You decided that you want additional challenges, yet when this opportunity came your way, it was a surprise. You are flattered that people see you as a leader, but is this opportunity really what you had envisioned when you decided to take your career to the next level?
Here are seven questions to help you decide if that opportunity is the right one.
·    Vision: Where do you see yourself in the next five years, and will this role propel you there?
·    Confidence: How confident are you about excelling in this new role?
·    Values: How closely aligned are your values with the new role?
·    Work/Life Balance: How will you manage family, community involvement and other aspects of life with this new level of responsibility?
·    Capabilities: What can you contribute to the role, and what do you need to learn?
·    Relationships: Who will support you internally as well as externally?
·    Presence: What is the leadership presence that you convey now? Will that need to change in this new role?
At Career Partners International, we know that leadership is a journey and that it takes courage, humility, and discipline to embrace the next step.  With over thirty years of experience supporting individuals and organizations throughout the employee lifecycle, CPI can help you and your team catapult to the next level.
-Barbara A. F. Greene, CEO of Greene and Associates Inc., a CPI Firm
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