As the world experiences the compounding effects of COVID-19, communities and workplaces are in a state of flux. Career Partners International responded to this global pandemic by launching a variety of complimentary services to support organizations, leaders, and employees. Through our more than 50 Members and 300 locations around the globe, we continue to support both individuals and organizations in their time of need.
On March 20th, which already seems like a long time ago, the CPI website was revamped with a new segment of free materials for workers who have been laid off due to COVID-19 and have no professional assistance.  With unemployment levels rapidly rising, these resources help guide the unemployed through stress management, developing a resume, preparing for interviews and more, preparing them to re-enter the workforce as soon as possible.
With companies instantly being forced into a state of remote work, there are many questions of how to make this new structure function.  CPI launched a series of live and recorded webinars to support leaders and their teams.  Terry Gillis, of Ahria Consulting – A CPI Firm, spoke on the importance of Leadership in Turbulent Times.  CPI Austin, Texas led a group discussion on best practices of Leading a Newly Remote Workforce.  Anthony Raja Devadoss, of PERSOLKELLY – A CPI Firm, will be hosting an event on Managing the Virtual Workplace with Trust.  Each of these events are free and open to the public with more to follow.  If you have not been able to participate, be sure to visit our LinkedIn page to view the recordings.
CPI career transition services have been expanded in response to changes in the job market.  Current participants have had their programs extended, at no charge to client organizations.  This extension will allow participants more time to access materials and to adjust to changes in hiring practices.  Additionally, all coaching and group events have moved to virtual delivery, maintaining the connection and local expertise that is vitally important in a job search and a key strength in CPI.
“At Career Partners International, it is our privilege and responsibility to help those in need.  This is a time unlike any other in recent memory; a time in which we all focus on moving society forward.  Our Members continue to do that very thing, acting quickly and, as our Mission states, ‘…embracing each individual and organizational challenge uniquely’.  Continuing to pair people with innovation, we are providing uninterrupted service by delivering services remotely to support clients and participants throughout the employee lifecycle.
These additional offerings are our way of giving forward and making sure companies and employees affected by this economic shift have the means to recover quickly.  Many aspects of society have and will forever change.  One thing that will not change is our commitment to our clients, participants, and communities.” Bill Kellner, CEO of Career Partners International.
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