Accounting: Big Four accounting firms, as well as local and regional firms.

Agriculture: Located in one of the world’s most productive agricultural region, growers, agricultural commissions, advisory boards, associations, cooperatives and agricultural product manufacturers.

Banking: Regional banks and credit unions.

General Business: Insurance & financial services, manufacturers, communications companies, distributors, real estate developers, entertainment firms, construction companies, retailers, publishers, energy, and many others.

Healthcare: Hospitals, health benefit exchanges, medical centers and health systems, regional clinics, foundations, insurance companies and associations.

High Tech: Wireless providers, OEMs, technology manufacturers, medical equipment, software development, electronics firms and environmental services.

Legal: Law firms and real estate partnerships.

Nonprofits: Industry associations, business roundtables, museums, theatre companies, symphonies, charities, public agencies, chambers of commerce, private schools, private trusts, service clubs, health foundations, religious orders, planning agencies, economic development and trade organizations.

Public Sector: Cities, counties, agricultural districts, police departments, college districts, utility, transit and water districts, fire departments, and housing and redevelopment agencies.

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