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Wilcox Miller & Nelson is a partner in Career Partners International (CPI). CPI is an international provider of talent management services, with more than 350 offices in 48 countries around the world. CPI combines the talents of more than 1600 experts in independently-owned, human resources consulting firms, providing board and executive search, executive recruiting, leadership development, human resources consulting, and career transition services.

As a CPI partner firm, we assist our clients in solving workforce issues in response to an increasingly competitive, constantly changing global business environment. We offer a viable alternative to the “one size fits all” approach by providing customized services that respond to our client’s personal needs, as well as to corporate objectives.

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LeaderXXchange is a purpose-driven organization that advises and promotes diversity and sustainability in governance, leadership, and investment. They advise companies, investors, and other organizations around the world on diversity, sustainability, and important environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics.


Wilcox Miller & Nelson is a strategic partner with PrimeGenesis, the leading executive transition advisor. PrimeGenesis has been single-mindedly focused on transition acceleration and executive onboarding since 2003. Executives moving into particularly complex situations leverage their expertise, tools and perspective to get done in 100 days what would normally take 6–12 months. Within 100 days, their imperatives, milestones, early wins, role sorts and communication campaigns are set. That is why PrimeGenesis delivers “Better Results Faster” and why 90% of the executives helped by PrimeGenesis were still in place or promoted after 18 months.

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Through our partnership with SkillSoft, the world’s largest and most experienced e-learning provider, Wilcox Miller & Nelson offers courseware that help executives, managers and employees become more effective. E-learning is a cost-effective component of many different programs offered by our firm.

  • Career Transition/Outplacement – lend esteem to your company with both departing and remaining employees. We offer complementary e-learning courses with all career transition programs.
  • Career Management – Let our consultants evaluate and develop your future resources using time-proven assessments, seminars, and training in conjunction with the SkillSoft learning platform.
  • Corporate or Departmental Training – Easily address fundamental issues, such as diversity training or customer service, with SkillSoft’s online courses. Our consultants can integrate one or more tracks into a group e-learning experience.

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