The Intergenerational Workplace: Can’t We All Work Well Together?

I just returned from the Aging In America 2008 Conference of the American Society on Aging and the National Council on Aging. I was pleased to observe that, in the midst of heavy duty research papers by academics and government statisticians, there were some excellent presentations on the realities of the aging workforce and the effect that four generations have in the workplace.Two panels on the

Overcoming Myths About Older Workers: No. 1

Myth No. 1: Older Workers are too Expensive. In the merit-based 20th century, the longer people worked, the more they earned. Stay at a company, do your job adequately, and year after year you got a merit raise in pay. In the market-driven, global-economic 21st century, private and public sector organizations have to be efficient low cost providers.Even if your job is a staff position not